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Although Pave Mark uses top-quality chlorinated road paint which provides excellent durability, we always recommend regular maintenance of the lines to help them last for as long as possible and to protect your investment!

Why do lines need maintenance?
Painted areas will become dirty with traffic and environmental conditions and should be washed clean. If anti-slip has been added during painting, dirt will cling to the grit added to the paint so it will require cleaning regularly to keep looking fresh and clean.

How long will my line marking last?
The environment, volume and size of traffic, and the surface lines are painted on will all affect how long your line marking will last. There is no set lifespan of line marking due to these factors, but looking after your painted areas will help them last longer. The good news is that because we use only the best quality road paint, your lines are likely to last years with the proper maintenance.

Does Pave Mark offer a maintenance service?
Yes, we are! We are able to jet wash and remove any dirt and grime that has accumulated on the lines and advise if there are areas that need touching up due to excessive wear.

If you are looking for some winter maintenance on your lines, give us a call on 0800 54 63 48